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 News Reel 2/28/2007 to 9/5/2007
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Posted - 09/05/2007 :  20:18:44  Show Profile  Visit B112's Homepage Send B112 a Private Message
The News Reel

News for 9/4/07:
Hope all had a good Labor Day holiday. Over the weekend, I made some updates to the attachments reference. If you've not heard of the power bucket take a look at that.
- http://www.michaelstractors.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=88

News for 8/31/07:
Would like to wish all a happy labor day holiday. I'll be more focused on family this weekend, so will be slow to replies (aka sign ups!). If I am watching TV, I'll continue detailing the Restoration guides. Off to the boat soon!

News for 8/30/07:
Would like to welcome Mikefox who's introducing this site to his work on the 720AC and 9020 Simplicity Series machines. Stop by and visit to share with Mike as "Many posts will be forthcoming re the 720 & 9020 next week". I'll be sure to help make room on the site for these fine tractors.

News for 8/28/07:
Well today is the six month anniversary of this site. Welcome to all who've signed up recently. Thank you for all stopping in. With the added traffic, I'll be developing more and will welcome your suggestions; please understand I'll need to prioritize them. I'll have some updates on those soon (i.e. City,State,Registry,Backup site, etc.) Again, thanks for dropping by and have fun.
- City, State were easily added today.

News for 8/21/07:
It was reported to me that there was a registration problem. As far as I can see it's been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

News for 8/19/07:
I found this link which is an interesting solution to a leaf bag. Check it out and let MichaelsTractors.com know if it works for you.
- http://www.lawntractorleafbag.com/index.html

News for 8/13/07:
- Wells Implement was added to the list of recommended vendors in the "Simplicity Restorations book".
- There is an EFI Tool article under development in "Other Projects". While not a Simplicity project, fellow mechanical hobbiests may enjoy the research.
Thanks for stopping by. Michael(B112)

News for 8/11/07:
I am thinking about William's (Wminmi's) suggestion to make a "Simply Yaking" forum and merging the two general discussions on Simplicity/AC garden tractors topic under that title. I'll update everyone when I do this, but letting everyone know in advance. Feel free to talk about anything in those areas and I'll look for any assistance in mining the key subjects out of our discussions to build the books I'm laying out for everyone. Thanks in advance for any help on this. Thanks for visiting! Keep an eye out for my YouTube videos under the name "Cowboy700", here's the tiller demonstration I've already posted:


News for 8/9/07:
Hello all, it's Thursday evening and we're watching "Mad Men" on AMC. Reminder that I'm looking for information contributions on the B-Series, Sovereigns and Landlord machines. Don't worry if you post in the wrong area, this site is focused on mining information and providing organized useful information back to all in this hobby. Hope the Restoration Book and Reference guides are helping. Please don't worry about what you write (within some respectiful reason), as this site is trying to be different from the other websites by not harrasing visitors about how they write and where they write. Who really cares in a discussion area? It's all good. It's better to forgive and forget. If visitors are bored with someones writing, hit page down or leave; why be cynical? Thanks for stopping by!

News for 8/2/07:
Good day Thursday morning. I am working on making a bolt inventory which will be handy for repairing the classic Simplicity/AC machines. If anyone has any notes on how many bolts are needed for various repair tasks, please let me know.

News for 7/31/07:
Here's a demo of a B210 which is a smoker:

Here are two of a Simplicity 725 pulling:

Here's a Simplicity 3112V Blowing Snow:

News for 7/27/07:
I'm getting back to gathering information and writing more into the Classic B-Series & Simplicity Restoration Book. Here are some sections to check out:
- BGB Repair
- PTO Maintenance

News for 7/10/07:
Here are some Legacy XL Backhoe Loader videos showing the operation of the machine:

News for 7/2/07:
- Welcome and just a quick reminder to all who visit, if you want to sign up you need to wait until I can review your account. That is to reduce the chance for spammers. I may institute special instructions automated robots can't scan in the future.
- You may upload 2 meg worth of images and you can link to any photographs you need to communicate. There are no required paid memberships, but donations would be excepted to run the site.
- Some future updates I am working on; easier access to You Tube videos, automated searches for tractor advertisements, and I have a few other cool tools planned. (Excuse the colors/non-sexy look as I am more interested in content at this time.)
- Also plan to add a few other forum discussions which will be off-topic to tractors. Like a 502EFI engine rebuild/maintenance/inventory. Best GPS for sailing discussion, maybe just a plain technology discussion. So there will be some other topics to keep an eye on.

News for 6/23/07:
- Here's an interesting video regarding building tough garden tractors:

-Here's someone making a turbo garden tractor:

-This is a video of an Allis Chalmers 610:

- A 1963 Simplicity Model 725 in action:

-This looks pretty fast:

News for 6/22/07:
-Good morning. Some interesting videos were found today while searching the web. Take a look at these three videos and note the creative smart girl who started her own business; especially you Kansas City folks!
- Two videos about the history of Simplicity and Allis Chalmers Garden Tractors:

- And here's a video of the 7790 Diesel Simplicity

- Smart girl, the Bikini Lawn Care! ( www.Bikinilawn.com )

News for 6/20/07:
- Today, just want to remind the visitors attachments of pictures is free on this site. Attachments of pictures in the classifieds advertisements is possible via links and that's free too.

News for 6/17/07:
- Some new updates to the "Other Websites" article in Latest News.

News for 6/6/07:
- Here's tip for you tractor shoppers out there! Google "Craigslist Simplicity Tractor" or "Craigslist Allis Tractor". Another way to find tractor deals is to search Craigslist itself. Enjoy! Here's a direct link to the google search. Let me know if you find something good!

News for 6/4/07:
- Added a new page to the repair manual about repair BGB's. This is still draft with disassembly, assembly and a parts breakdown:
- Here's a interesting video on Zero Turn Lawn Mowers:

News for 5/13/07:
- Here are some YouTube videos of Tractors:
A Simplicity 3112H Hydrostatic Tractor rototilling the garden:

A Tractor Pull:

A Simplicity Tractor:

A John Deer pulling: (isn't that a Simplicity cleaning the course!)

Some really cool pulling!

Another nice pull:

A 7116 in the mud:

Here's one about Wheel Horse Tractors: (again that funny song!)

News for 5/7/07:
- First Lawn cut for the season on Friday with the B112. Blades were nice and sharp from last years deck restoration. Started the ole 3112H to get ready with a tilling machine. The HB112 was the main winter machine and was used more regularly so it was ready with the dozer blade used to scrape up gravel and push through weeds and brush.

News for 5/5/07:
- Happy Cinco de Mayo! Will be posting pictures of how to mount your lawn deck on a Classic Simplicity/AC "Simple Tractor" focusing on the belt alignment of the midPTO/Mule Drive soon. Something all tractor collectors need to do and probably think about weekly in the summer.
- Also check the link below about "Briggs & Stratton chief confirms possible Simplicity shutdown":

News for 4/29/07:
- Good morning, want to welcome all the new folks signing up these days. It's a Sunday morning and a beautiful day in Connecticut. Still I've not needed to go cutting the lawn yet, but next week I probably will have to start seeding and cutting. Planning to start photographing the fleet as I start working through the machines.
- Some updates on pricing I've been watching. First there was a grader blade which went for $258.50 on ebay; that attachment has steadily brought $200-250 when being sold (they are just hard to find.) There was a tiller pulley setup for the older style tillers and that went for approx $102. I keep an eye on these and I'll update the buying guide over time. Hope this helps everyone collecting these Simple Machines (aka the Classic Simplicity and AC Tractors!)
- Also I moved the discussion item pointing to various ebay articles for the Classic Simplicity/AC Tractors to the Buying/Guidelines forum here:

News for 4/28/07:
- This is the two month aniversary date of this site.

News for 4/24/07:
- I've made the Classic Simplicity and AC Tractor Reference available for all. It's still draft.

News for 4/21/07:
- I've added a Topic to the Classic Simplicity/Tractor talk forum with some links to a Simplicity Tiller Drive on eBay and a Simplicity 2012 Tractor up in MA/NH.

News for 4/16/07:
- Big Nor-Easter over on the East Coast. I experienced a little of it first hand in volunteering to help family members with flooding. Along the way I reminded myself why I want to convert my Craftsmen B&S Generator to an electric start. I think an old broadmoor will be donating the starter system to that generator. I'll be putting a topic out in these forums on my progress on that project. If you have a fun project you're working I'd be interested in hearing about it also.

News for 4/12/07:
- Tractor news... not much today.
- All I have to say today is "wow!" Otherwise, take a walk through all the You Tube videos connected to the first link below. Thank you "You Tube". Note that someone else prompted IMUS with the term "Ho" and he added "Nappy Headed".

Don Imus and Nappy Headed Hos (The original, I think uncut)

Fox News on Imus, what's missing BLACK COMMENTERS! (twisted?)

News for 4/09/07:
- There's been some Simplicity activity on the Yesterday's tractor site in the past five days. Here's a link to one of the discussions:
- I've updated the Simplicity/AC Tractor talk forum to all registered members. Please use that forum for the classics.

News for 4/05/07:
- Good day. Welcome to all the new members signing up. Please feel free to provide suggestions and please add a post to the introductions post. To get access to the Classic AC/Simplicity Forum, please send me a PM and tell me something about yourself.

News for 4/04/07:
- Hello all. I am still reading other sites and using the "Other Interesting Sites" link to find good discussions for all. Seems other sites are working on decals also. I do get direct emails and phone calls from Tractor friends (thanks for the call today - you know who! Yes- B112 is me.) and some of that is the source of my material also.

News for 4/01/07:
- Just added this draft version of a Rotary Tiller comparison into the attachments section here:
- Also a few days ago I added some notes about the sicklebar, that's really draft.

News for 3/31/07:
- First spam attack. It was a manual spam attack, to reduce this I am going to be approving each user manually for a short while. You'll need to wait till I read your request to join. Some challenge questions and real first name may be required. Thanks!

News for 3/30/07:
- Good day. I've turned on the Picture, Hobbies and Latest News in the Membership details pages for each registered user. I am still suggesting that you limit the information you provide. I am currently making some updates to this feature and it will allow you to be anoynomous to the world and more open to registered users. We are only one month old here, so be patient new features are on the way.

News for 3/28/07:
- Today is the one month after the introduction of this site. This was built in six days and the content was being developed by my research since 2003. I hope to offer some new features soon. Thank you all for stopping by. Michael(B112)

News for 3/25/07:
- Found this link on the "iVillage Garden Web" site:
If you are a Simplicity owner, it will help you understand the difference between the JD box store machines and the orange machines. It's a good read.

News for 3/21/07:
- Found this link, http://www.tractorhome.com/friends.php which is funny. Turn on your speakers; the website is more for the big tractors, but they have some interesting vendors.

News for 3/20/07:
- Would like to extend a welcome to Bryan Ebbenga (bebbenga) as the first poster in the new site here. Hope folks will visit his site:
He's advised he has the 900 series decals at his web store and he's specializing in a number of Simplicity, Bushhog and Antique Tractors.
- Would also like to remind everyone this site is new, is changing and will be changing. The focus will be around key people who join in here to make this a leading community. My speciality is the B-Series and associated Simplicity garden tractors from 1959 to 1970. So that's the area I plan to help tractor enthusiasts and collectors. Thanks for stopping by all. Michael(B112)

News for 3/19/07:
-Tip for the day, the practical machinist website has some great articles. An air compressor is an important tool in this hobby. Besides the air wrenches and impact wrenches, the cutting tool is exremely handy when parts are frozen on. For you folks looking to get an air compressor, read this article: http://www.practicalmachinist.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/8/39.html
- On 6/26/2006, USA Today published the article below which explains why eBay Sniping favors the buyers. It's also mentioned in the eBay Wikipedia page below it. While most people will tell buyers to just set their price, the tendancy is for the items to go for less than they would if there was competition for the items. The only advise for sellers was to remind them to tell people to place a bid at the highest price they are willing to pay, it was mentioned that helped the sales price for the sellers. So buyers be happy and sellers, just a word to the wise.

News for 3/18/07:
Interesting sites on Electrolytic Rust Removal:
- http://antique-engines.com/electrol.asp
- http://www.htpaa.org.au/article-electro.php

News for 3/17/07:
The leading Simplicity Talking Sites right now are "MyTractorForum" and the "SimpleTractors" forum. There has been some increased activity in MyTractorForum lately.
- Please note that the statistics on this site are funky; meaning they may or may not work right. I threw this site together in about six days. It consists of the latest Snitz version plus mods. Everything is out of the box with only a little tweaking so far. There are some future enhancements under consideration.

News for 3/16/07:
Here are some sites to look at:
- http://www.m-and-d.com/
- http://www.lawn-mower-shop.com/
- http://www.nevadawalrus.com/
Read the newsletter and tips, some very good writing.

News for 3/15/07:
My searching around found these interesting sites today:
- http://www.popularmechanics.com/home_journal/gardening/1273496.html
- http://www.rbauction.com/auction_locations_pages/location_merriam_-_lewvan_sk_2007625.jsp?auction_id=2007625
The first site showing a hard cab for the newer Simplicities and the second one is an auction in April 2007 for the Canadians out there.

News for 3/14/07:
If you are looking for dual wheel adapters for your Simplicity, Allis Chalmers or Simple Tractor; take a look at the "For Sale Parts" classifieds. I found a vendor who makes dual wheel adapters for a really decent price.

News for 3/13/07:
Here's a funny YouTube video for today:

- updated the chapter Selecting a project tractor in the restoration book.
- Added the Tips for using this website section. Please read the important advisory.

News for 3/12/07:
Here's two funny videos for you to review today on "YouTube":

News for 3/11/07:
Good afternoon. Site was down most of midday today, Hosting provider problem. Busy out in the yard.

News for 3/10/07:
Good day. Busy writing an article about the technology behind Snitz and what users need to be aware of. Enjoy a good tractor day.

News for 3/09/07:
Good morning! After an extensive review of other tractor forums out there I've noticed are many sites are competing using forums for your attention. This site will stay focused the hobby of restoring your garden tractor and showing you where all the information is. The key goal will be to keep it free. A few users asked me if I was going to make a talk forum in this website, I said yes and made one. I have since changed the access for the tractor talk to only allowed users and you will need to advise B112 you want access to that forum. The reason is to prevent accidental publishing of copyrighted material. You can think of that as the research area where people can post information they find and then we can use it to develop materials to be published on the front door. If you have any ideas for this site, either post a suggestion or PM B112. Thank you and have a good day.
- Updates to Other Interesting Web news article.
- Retitled the book and planning for a reference guide for each model tractor.

News for 3/08/07:
- Added a suggestions forum only for registered users. Or optionally you can PM B112 for any ideas.
- Email is completely working. Updates more of the links.

News for 3/07/07:
- Moved the Other Interesting Web Sites article to the Latest News section.

News for 3/06/07:
- Most of the new website is almost ready.
- Registration on http://www.MichaelsTractors.com is on.
- Only a little more tweaking and graphical design next.
- Problem with the Hosting provider not sending emails; thus registrations will be manual.

News for 3/05/07:
- Updated the GOAL of this website.
- Temporarily turning off new registrations for changes to the site.
- Currently testing new features. All will remain free.
- Some new discussion forums for this specialty will be here soon.
- In the middle of activating the new site, things will look strange.

News for 3/03/07:
- Some members are now reviewers of the next level draft documents.
- New prototype site under construction- PM B112 for access.

News for 3/01/07:
- Added a new link to the carburator section of the restore book.
- Added a new section document "After the Restoration" to the book.
- Cleaned up the index for the Restoration Book.
- Experimenting with different levels of access to the Restoration Book.
- Experimenting with Snitz MODs and potential new book features. Things will be moving, please be patient.

News for 2/28/07:
- Many new links were added to the "Other Web Sites of Interest"
post and a must see engine link was added to chapter 9 "Engine Repair" of the Restoration Book.

News for 2/27/07:
- Registered for the Domain "MichaelsTractors.com", another entry point.
- Removed forums and news items which did not fit the goals of this website.

News for 2/26/07:
- Added a Newer Tractor Notes area for contributions.

News for 2/19/07:
Started organizing an index page in the order of a restoration book here:


This is very preliminary, but I am developing the chapters. Otherwise, updated some links and working on some more organization at all times. If you're looking for some information about the B-Series and equivalent Simplicities, just post in the contributions and suggestions area. I'll try to help. B112.

News for 2/12/07:
Learned that the active posts do not see the updates to articles, only new topics being posted. This NEWS REEL will be used to advise of significant changes to articles and site.

- Bush Hog forum added. While this site is focused on the B-Series, the new forum was added to collect the limited information on the Bush Hog Tractors.

News for 2/10/07:
Updated some of the attachments section.

News for 2/9/07:

Good day- "Looking for ideas and contributions"

Hey if you find a good link or discussion forums you like, please submit it in contributions and I'll file it somewhere. Also, looking to start developing more articles, so would be interested in areas your interested in and/or any contributions you think you might have. If you have and questions on how to find things on this site, just ask. It's easier for me to improve this with suggestions. Thanks - You can PM B112 or submit ideas.

- Added a posting of a B10 tractor in the NH area.

- Updated the pricing guide with some engine prices.

B112 (specializing in the B-Series)

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