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 Mercruiser MEFI-3 ECM Delphi 16237009
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Posted - 08/12/2007 :  12:17:58  Show Profile  Visit B112's Homepage Send B112 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Mercruiser MEFI-3 ECM Delphi 16237009

This topic is under development and really only scratching the tip of the iceberg. I'll be organizing this and helping you find everything about the MEFI-3 controller (will expand this as resources are available). The focus on this article is to organize everything you need to know about this EFI controller for the appropriate Marine engines. This article will need some reorganization to divide the ECU controllers between "Programable Controllers" and the old "EPROM Programmable Controllers"; the MEFI controllers are Programmable controllers which can be completely configured by the Serial port. Note, that programmable controllers are "Configured" and EPROM controllers may have both "Programming" and "Configuration". When I say configuration, you can change the various control tables. More on that later.

Please stop back soon.

Note: If you want to donate to this research please email me with how you can help. Here are a list of items I'm looking for or ways to help this research:

- Donate Engine wiring harnesses (MEFI1,2,3,4,5.. etc)
- Spare/Dead controllers (if you replaced your old MEFI3)
- Just plain donations, couple of bucks.
- Finally, for the first few contacts I'll be dumping and reloading MEFI3 controllers at $25/hour of my time. Email me for complete details, but you'll be responsible for any other costs (i.e. shipping plus insurance costs).

I am writing this article as I am working on disassembling and/or finding the formats which control the Mercruiser MEFI-3 ECM Delphi 16237009 used on the 1999 Mercruiser GM 502 Vortec Gen VI engine by Mercury.

(Note the J2 connector is on the left in this picture and the J1 is on the right.)

The MEFI-3 ECM can be referenced by the following Mercury Part Numbers:

861722R 2
861722T 2

The part number "895104A01" was confirmed with Mercury Consumer Support on 1/21/08. They refered to this as a "conversion kit". I am currently researching which number above means what, though I believe that the "861722T 2" number is the original part and the other number with the "R" is a replacement number or reflashed number.

Here are pictures of the back of a Mercruiser MEFI-3 ECM:

(DELPHI 16237009 with barcode 867009KA00017257)
The side of this ECM has a F02D marked on it; this is the calibration checksum for this ECU in Hex. Further note that the 16237009 confirms this is a MEFI-3 ECM by the Rinda connections documents, tunertools.com and the OBD2AllInOne site. I've since found someone posting a picture of their ECM on the web and the barcode had the similar 867009KA characters, but the number at the end was different; my guess is that part is the Serial Number of that unit.

MEFI-3 ECM Connectors:

The front of the MEFI-3 ECM has two connectors, J-1 and J-2. These are 32 pin connectors of two rows of 16 pins; these have a slight offset between the top and bottom rows of 16 pins. (I am looking to get the connector type for this.)

The J1 Connector
J1-1 Injector Driver (cylinders 2,3,5,8)
J1-3 Ignition Control (Ref. Low)
J1-4 ECM Ground
J1-5 ECM Ground
J1-9 MIL Lamp (DLC pin E)
J1-10 Ignition Control Signal
J1-11 IAC "B" High (Idle Air Control)
J1-12 IAC "A" Low
J1-14 Knock Sensor Sign (only used on 7.4 MPI)
J1-17 Injector Driver (cylinders 1,4,6,7)
J1-20 ECM Ground
J1-23 Fuel Pump Relay Driver
J1-24 Ignition Control Bypass
J1-26 Audio Warning Horn
J1-27 IAC "B" Low (Idle Air Control)
J1-28 IAC "A" High
J1-30 Knock Sensor Signal
J1-32 Serial Data (DLC pin G)

The J2 Connector
J2-1 Battery
J2-3 TP and IAT Ground (Intake Air Temperature)
J2-4 TP 5V Reference (throttle position)
J2-7 Discrete Switch (oil pressure switch)
J2-8 Discrete Switch (transmission overtemp switch)
J2-10 Ignition Control Ref. High
J2-11 ECT Signal (Engine Coolant Temperature)
J2-18 MAP Ground (both MAP and ECT ground)
J2-19 MAP 5V Reference
J2-20 Discrete Switch Signal (neutral saftey/Load Anticipation)
J2-21 Master/Slave (DLC pin H)
J2-22 Diagnostic Test (DLC pin B)
J2-24 Discrete Switch (Gear lube bottle on L29 only)
J2-26 TP Signal (throttle position sensor)
J2-27 MAP Signal
J2-30 IAT Sensor (Intake aire temp)
J2-32 Ignition Fuse

Data Link Connector:

The Mercruiser wiring harness contains the "Data Link Connector". This is a 10 pin Delphi (Packard) "Metri-Pack" 150 series connector which connects to Diagnostic Test Tools.

The connector pins are as follows:
A - Ground
B - Diagnostic Enable
E - MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) status
F - Battery
G - Serial Data 8192 Baud

(This vendor sold the connectors)

I've already purchased the AKM Cable from the Andrew at AKM Cables:
(AKMCable Male ALDL Female RS232 SN 4170)
Note: That Andrew's cables are confirmed to work with the MEFI3 controllers. He publishes his design, but for the money, buy them.

Mercruiser EFI Wiring Diagram:

(click for larger image)
1= Fuel Pump
2= Distributor
3= Coil which sends two wires to the Distributor
4= Knock Sensor (KS) Module
5= Data Link Connector (DLC)
6= Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor
7= Idle Air Control (IAC)
8= Throttle Position (TP) sensor
9= Engine Coolant Tempurature (ECT)
10= Electronic Control Module (ECM)
11= Fuel Pump Relay
12= Ignition/System Relay
13= Fuses(15 Amp)Fuel Pump, (15Amp)ECM/DLC/Battery, (10Amp)ECM/Injector/Ignition/Knock Module
Manifold Air Temperature (MAT) Sensor
14= Harness Connector to Starting/Charging harness
15= Positive(+) Power Wire to Engine Circuit Breaker
16= Oil Pressure (Audio Warning System)
17= Load Anticipation Circuit (jumpered NC)
18= Gear Lube Bottle(Not used on inboard models)

Starting/Charging Harness:

A= Audio Warning Components
1= Wire not used on MCM (Blu/Tan)

B= Instrumentation Components
1= Oil Pressure Sender (to gauge) Lt Blu
2= Trim Sender (to gauge) Brn/Wht???

C= Charging and Starting
1= Alternator
2= Ground Stud
3= Starter
4= Circuit Breaker
5= Starter Slave Solenoid
6= Jumper Wire
7= 90amp fuse
a= positive wire
b= Harness Connector to EFI Harness
c= Auxiliary Tachometer Lead (grey)

Boat Wiring Harness:


6= 806490T,49734 Water Temp
7= 815425T,37293T - Sender Assembly (Dual)
12= 805544T Sensor Assembly (Knock)
13= 805218T Temp
16= 805605A 1 Switch Assembly

Note: An inventory of all the connections on the harness and photographs of each part can be found on the page 1999 Mercruiser 502 EFI Engine Electrical Senders.

Differences between ECU Tuning Tool Vendors:
(This section will be a work in progress as I investigate the differences between what Tuning Tool vendors will offer. I will say that Ken of MEFI Burn was helpful in explaining his product.) I will compare and review the following vendors here:

1) Rinda

- this can only scan the MEFI controllers. Calibration updates are only authorized for Dealers, but regular public can purchase this software. Rinda will supply sample CAL files, but the cable-software is locked from uploading the calibration files. The software can upload to a locked or unlocked controller.

2) OBD Diagnostics

a) MEFI Scan Kit (Diagnostics / Upgradeable)- 199.95
- comes with Scanner Pro and an ADX file.
- this can only scan the MEFI controllers and can not update them.

b) MEFI BURN Standard
- comes with Scanner Pro, Tuner Pro and the MEFI Burn Program
- Supplied with ADX & XDF files for all the controllers.
- this can update the MEFI controllers with limited parameters.

- comes with Scanner Pro, Tuner Pro and the MEFI Burn Program
- Supplied with ADX & XDF files for all the controllers.
- this can update the MEFI controllers with "more" parameters.

Note: So far great support with this product!

3) ETS Data Master

- After reviewing a beta copy of this, I've found that the MEFI3 version is not functional at this time.

4) M.E.D.S. - Marine Engine Diagnostic Software

- Not heard much about this software yet


5) Ingenius Marine by Arizona Speed & Marine


6) Ingenius by MSD


How to setup a test bed using your Engine's Harness:
This will describe what I did to setup my engine's harness. (This is also proves to me what I need to do to run my engine out of my boat and on a test rig.) The Mercruiser wiring harness has two halves to it; the EFI Harness and the Starter/Charging Harness. Both halves of the harnesses have various sensors, see above for those descriptions. Now one very important point which took me an hour of diagnosing was that both sides of the harnesses must be grounded because the grounds do not go through the connectors. So that will be very important to diagnose your engine not starting. When I initially set this up, I couldn't figure out why the grounds did not go through the harness and I was seeing 11 volts on both the pin 5 and pin 6 of the "9 pin Marine plug". After I grounded both sides, I discovered the relays in the harness were then engaging when I applied power. Further, the grounds were all the way to the ECM on pins 3&4 of the J1 connector and 12V was on pin 1 of the J2 connector. So that's my initial setup to test the ECM. After that I pluged the computer into the harness and ran two tests which the second test is recorded in the YouTube video shown below.

(Screen shot of the DataMaster-M3 Program)


According to the MEFIburn site, the MEFI controllers may need a password which Locks/Unlocks a proprietary burn. See this site:

MEFI-Burn Review:
(Excellent reference)

Motorola Assembly Language:

A very interesting site:

Explaination of a Crate Engine ECM and what the Mercruiser ECM... it's more ruggedized:

ECM EPROM Crossreferences:


How to carefully handle the EPROM chips:

Where to get EPROMS: (Cheap $3.99)

A ECM Controller Website:

How to hack an ECM: This article explains that the GM ECM uses the Motorola CPU and normally has programmable EPROMS of types 27128, 27256 and 27512.

How to setup a test bench to work on an ECM:

Where to get an eprom programming device:

This is a PIC18F452 programmer:

Marine EFI Test Tools

This is the maker of the scantool connectors on the Mercruiser ECM:

Test tool Forum:
EFI Test tool

Compare features, price, & MEFI types covered:
Ingenius Pro - http://www.azspeed.com/inmaso.html
MSD Fuel Injection - http://www.msdfuelinjection.com/
UMI Racing - http://www.umiracing.com/gallery/Images/Catalog.pdf
Rinda Technologies - http://www.rinda.com/marine/marine.htm
Painless Wiring - http://www.painlessperformance.com/assets/07Catalog/

MEFI links:
Wiring Harnesses & MEFI's - http://www.mefistuff.com
GM MEFI - http://www.gm.com/automotive/gmpowertrain/engines/
GM MEFI-4B - http://www.gm.com/automotive/gmpowertrain/engines/
GM Technical Services - http://www.technicalservicesin.com/
TunerPro - http://www.tunerpro.net
ScannerPro - http://www.scannerpro.net
Others Experiences, Internet Forums:
Offshoreonly.com - http://www.offshoreonly.com/forums/
Hotboat.com - http://www.hotboat.com/forums/
Speedwake.com - http://www.speedwake.com/
Iboats.com - http://forums.iboats.com/
Screamandfly.com - http://forums.screamandfly.com/forums/
Boatered.com - http://www.boatered.com/forum/

Pressure testing:
Part Number: 91-881833A2
Description: GAUGE KT-PRESSURE (Mercury/Mercruiser)
Price: $ 341.62
Retail Price: $ 388.01
Weight: 12.0


Some vendors:





Other stuff:



www.mercurymarine.com" target="_blank">http://www.querycat.com/site/www.mercurymarine.com

Bennet Trim tab indicator:

New Trim tab "Actuator Assembly" from west marine part A1101A $85



Make a tester:

Rinda Test tool writeup

Articles in discussion areas:


Boost Power:http://www.boostpower.com/

EFI Technology: - engine control and data systems







Sample scan tool purchases
Sample Scan Tool:

Sample TachometerVOM:

Sample EPROM Programmer:

The MEFI controllers are made by Delphi, see this site and these documents:


EFI Message Boards:
1) http://www.ls1-australia.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=136
2) http://www.boatersed.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=109896
3) http://forum.efilive.com/


The Codes and 8192 Baud

Note: These are the standard codes, more details on this later:
Mode 01 Data stream (sensor readings and switch status)
Mode 02 Freeze-frame data (if DTCs are present)
Mode 03 Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Mode 04 Clear codes and freeze-frame data
Mode 05 Oxygen sensor monitor
Mode 06 Non-continuous monitors (EVAP, catalyst, EGR, etc.)
Mode 07 Continuous monitors
Mode 08 Bidirectional communication (onboard tests)
Mode 09 Vehicle VIN, PCM calibration, etc.

8192 Baud:

Sample Code for Reflashing: (this is not what the MEFI uses)

GM Website link to On-Board Monitoring....




EFI Formulas and "ECM Code" for Fords:


Dyno Testing of EFI Systems

MEFI Tuning Vendors
(Specialize in calibration tuning the controllers for you)

ECM Technical Specialists with websites:

Craig Motes:
TunerPro (two versions)


Injection System Research:

Considering Wide Band Sensor:

It was recommended to look at my exhaust with a Wide Band Sensor, here are some links on this.(now I've had this recommendation twice.) So below is some of the areas I am researching.

The JAW:

EFI Troubleshooting:

Fuel to Air Ration on EFILive:

EFI Formulas:

EFI Tuning Tips:

Volumetric Efficiency:

Delphi Contact Info:
Department- Consumer for Commercial Products
877-463-3574 press 2, then 2, then 2 individually and slowly
then you get- Service and Training Operations
then they can transfer you to Technical Support, except they don't have any information on marine products.

Unsorted links:
more links:

Wikipedia info:

EFILive Forum MEFI3 Articles
EFILive & Mercury Marine MEFI 3 ECM
http://forum.efilive.com/showthread.php?t=3164&highlight=MEFIMore Pro Charger tuning Progress and AFR RAtios
my bravo outdrive gear experiment
7.4 MPI vs 454 Mag wiring harness
mefi tuning finally available to everyone-CHEAP
MPI #7 fuel rail defect???
8-71 Low Profile Supercharger/manifold/spark Arrestor
E.C.M. malfuncion
FAST sytem or DFI, anyone build motors and tune with these?
502 MPI vs. HP 500 EFI Control Module
Rev Limiter/ MEFI 3 computer question
MEFI 3 and Auto Xray
502MPI alarm
Finally got my motor back together & DYNOED!!!
Need a mefi 3 computer
GMPP Ram Jet 502 vs Merc HP500/525 EFI
Ingenius Marine Software
MEFI Scan & Tune - MEFIburn
Coil circuit or injector circuit on a Mefi-3
Blown 502MPI Makes 1000 HP?
Arizona Speed & Marine Ingenious?????????
mefi4b vs mefi 3
What is the fastest 29 Outlaw you know of?

SpeedWake Forum MEFI3 articles
999 Ecn
Big Block Chevy Marine Performance by Dennis Moore?
Shift interrupt on a Bravo engine MEFI-3
fuel pressure on a procharged 502?
ECM Reprogram
Crane Gold Rockers
Alarm=engine Cutting Out!!!
454 MPI, hp500EFI, computers same?
Base Timing Mode Woes - Falling Fuel Pressure
ECM reading with a PC ??? can it work ??
Motors are wasted
Hard start when hot
Knock sensor testing
Swap 502ci for 540ci ?

Look here:

Mercruiser Bulletins:


TunerPro site Forum:

Link to a MEFI3 repair manual:

(Updated 4/4/12 - updated with a new manual link.)



1 Posts

Posted - 04/15/2009 :  22:14:25  Show Profile  Visit bigdisplay442's Homepage Send bigdisplay442 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
While doing an INTERNET search, I came across this posting on your forum. I just bought a Marine MPFI system for my truck and the information provided here is AWESOME. It's the reason I joined this site ( even though I do enjoy garden tractors. I sold my 1969 J/D about 2 years ago and I have other G/T projects in the works ) I want to say thanks for making all of you research public and I'll be using your references quite often while I'm doing my install and tuning.

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Posted - 04/16/2009 :  06:39:13  Show Profile  Visit B112's Homepage Send B112 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Chres- glad to hear it helping. I'll be adding information as I get it. Stuck on a Gas tank repair right now on the boat.

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Posted - 05/07/2009 :  08:56:06  Show Profile  Visit tomt's Homepage Send tomt a Private Message  Reply with Quote
First off, this is the most impressive EFI-3 page I have ever seen! I truly appreciate it!

I had a strange port engine problem on my boat (quick explanation: it started running about 5 times too rich and then after a while changed to running about 3 times too lean - in neither case would it run over about 2,200 rpm) that has ultimately turned out to be a bad computer. The engines are 1999 Mercruiser 7.4MPI inboards. My computer is a Delphi 16236999 with a Mercruiser part number of 861720T1 or 861720T2 (the latter number simply superseded the former and are the same part with a different number).

My problem now is that this part has been discontinued and is "No Longer Available." It has been replaced with a conversion kit number 891897A01 that apparently contains an EFI-4 computer and a conversion wiring harness. The only problem is that it costs twice what the EFI-3 unit cost! And there is a fair amount of labor involved in installing the conversion wiring harness.

So, does anyone know where I can find the original part either new, used, or rebuilt?

Once I have a replacement in hand, I'll be happy to donate this unit to Michael if he can use it and if it is not needed for a core charge.


Edited by - tomt on 05/11/2009 22:50:16
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Posted - 05/07/2009 :  18:40:45  Show Profile  Visit B112's Homepage Send B112 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Tom how did you diagnose that you have a bad computer?

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Posted - 05/10/2009 :  13:58:47  Show Profile  Visit tomt's Homepage Send tomt a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by B112

Tom how did you diagnose that you have a bad computer?

I swapped the computer from the starboard engine to the port engine and the port engine then started running fine. That seemed fairly definitive to me. My guess, based on the symptoms, is a bad injector driver in the computer. My scan tool showed no codes in the old computer by the way.

Now all I have to do is try and find an 861720T2 EFI-3 or any EFI-3 I can have reprogrammed. I thought I had one snagged on Ebay but no luck as of May 14, 2009 (he decided not to sell it)...


P.S. For those interested, here is the complete description of the original problem:

At all RPMs below 4,000, it occasionally starts running VERY rich and power and rpm drops way off. It will do this sometime for just a few seconds and other times for minutes. I have a Floscan and when the problem occurs, the fuel flow will jump way up. For example, at idle it will jump from about 1.2 gph to 5 gph or so. At 2,200 rpm (about the fastest it will run when the problem occurs), it jumps to something like 19gph. When the problem occurs, you can smell the strong odor of the unburned fuel. It does this both when the engine is basically cold and when it is fully warmed up.

If above about 4,000 rpm it runs just fine and the problem does not reoccur until I slow back down and the rpm drops.

This weekend, the problem took on a different nature. Now, the opposite is happening. The fuel flow is very low (lean) for the engine speed and load, and the engine is running VERY rough. For example, it is only showing about 5.5gph at 2,500 rpm, about the fastest it will now run under any circumstances. The problem is now also no longer intermittent and is occurring constantly.

Water temp is normal, oil pressure is normal and battery voltage is about 13.8. It did this once before about two years ago and the Mercruiser tech put a scan tool on it and saw no codes. At that time my alternator on that engine was a little weak (about 12.5 volts) and the feeling was that it may be a voltage problem. I replaced the alternator and the problem did in fact go away. However, I am now thinking that it simply cured the symptom not the cause as the current 13.8 volts should be fine I think.

Edited by - tomt on 05/16/2009 08:44:08
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Posted - 05/14/2009 :  17:28:24  Show Profile  Visit B112's Homepage Send B112 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Tom, I'll keep an eye out for another on ebay. I'm still looking for a used harness if one is available.

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Posted - 07/18/2009 :  13:52:22  Show Profile  Visit 69chevguy's Homepage Send 69chevguy a Private Message  Reply with Quote
what a great post!! I just purchased a used 2001 arizona speed and marine ram jet 502,and the wiring is a mess so im trying to figure out the best path to take, new wiring harnes for the efi 3, or the new efi 4 with wiring kit for around 650.00, any help would be very appreciated kris..
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Posted - 07/18/2009 :  18:07:56  Show Profile  Visit B112's Homepage Send B112 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by 69chevguy

what a great post!! I just purchased a used 2001 arizona speed and marine ram jet 502,and the wiring is a mess so im trying to figure out the best path to take, new wiring harnes for the efi 3, or the new efi 4 with wiring kit for around 650.00, any help would be very appreciated kris..

Kris, with enough time you could make you're own harness because all the wiring charts are available... but the connectors are the problem. The change over from a MEFI3 to 4 is probable not documented, but if you study the differences that can be done. I'd try to fix you're harness and MEFI3 setup as it's probably the easiest solution and best costing solution.

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Posted - 07/18/2009 :  21:55:40  Show Profile  Visit 69chevguy's Homepage Send 69chevguy a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hey thanks for the quick responce michael,ive got this link to this site i found,what do you think..MEFI 4 ECM & Wire Harness Kit, Ram Jet 502 (12499117)-http://www.karlperformanceparts.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=939

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Posted - 07/19/2009 :  06:48:44  Show Profile  Visit B112's Homepage Send B112 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
From what I read the MEFI4 is better than the MEFI3 due to the newer closed loop system. From my searching around, I'd say the price for that kit is good. I'm not sure how bad you're wiring on your MEFI3 is, so it's a tough call which will be better for you.

I've had success getting my MEFI3 system to work and I've calibrated it some with the MEFI Burn Software. I'll paste a link to the second round of dyno testing in this reply a little later.

Here's the link to the results of the dyno testing after the rebuild of a 415hp stock Mercruiser EFI system:


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Posted - 08/27/2009 :  22:27:52  Show Profile  Visit tomt's Homepage Send tomt a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by B112

Tom, I'll keep an eye out for another on ebay. I'm still looking for a used harness if one is available.

Don't know if I ever mentioned it but I found one that was close for $280 on Ebay. It is a Dephi MEFI 3 ECM pulled from a 2000 Mercruiser 7.4 MPI 454 Bravo. Mercruiser part # 861736R1, Delphi part #16237009.

My Engine is a 1999 7.4MPI Inboard V-Drive but it seems to work pretty well. I notice a sight difference in idle speed and it also seems to be slightly down on power at the top end but otherwise is fine. For the price (and being able to find one at all), I can't complain too much... Perhaps one of these days I'll find someone who can extract the code from my original and burn it in to this one but even if not, it's an acceptable replacement.

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Posted - 11/05/2009 :  03:26:10  Show Profile  Visit btribut's Homepage Send btribut a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hello all,
I have a mefi3 on a 4.3 mercruiser I am attempting to install in a 1986 Rinker. The engine came from a bravo setup and I am connecting it to an alpha drive. Latest issue encountered is that is won't seem to advance time. I am told by the mechanic that without a load... I guess in neutral the engine runs fine and when rev'ed the timing advances correctly. However under a load in gear connected to a dyno there is now timing advance. Any ideas what could be the issue?
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Posted - 04/23/2010 :  08:39:36  Show Profile  Visit cbernhardt's Homepage Send cbernhardt a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Does anyone have a source for the connector pins used in the J1 and J2 connectors used to connect the wiring harness to the MEFI controller? I need three of these pins.
Or does anyone have an old MEFI wiring harness that they would like to get rid of?

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Posted - 04/23/2010 :  11:45:00  Show Profile  Visit B112's Homepage Send B112 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hi Charles, I've not tried to aquire these yet, but I was looking for a bad cable. I am going to contact someone about a bad cable, if I find out more will let you know. I am in the process of finishing the assembly of my engine and the work on my boat over the next few weeks. Will let you know.

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Posted - 04/26/2010 :  05:50:11  Show Profile  Visit cbernhardt's Homepage Send cbernhardt a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The pins I was looking for are in a 32 pin weather proof connector that has a plastic snap on cover. I finally found a part number printed on the plastic cover and an internet search turned up this Delphi data sheet for the connector.
From this information I got the part number for the pin I was looking for.

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