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 Buying/Pricing Guidelines
 Suggested Used Tractor/Attachment Price guide
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Price Guide for Allis Chalmers and Simplicity Garden Tractors and Attachments

This is under construction... It will mostly feature the B-Series Allis Chalmers and the sister Simplicity machines (i.e. the Landlord and Soveriegn tractors) from the period of 1959-1970 along with the attachments for them.

Below is the rough start of this. Feel free to PM or add comments below, all points will be considered to help the development of this. The goal of this is to help answer the "what's my tractor or attachment worth?" question. In reality, it's what ever someone will pay for it. Though obviously there are some average trading prices. Most people who don't want to discuss pricing either want to buy really low or sell really high, the others are just tired of that conversation. The hawks wait for buyers or sellers who don't know what somethings worth. This guide will give pricing of the swings and try to explain why something swings in price.

Tractors will end up being parted out if they are not in really good shape. The bottom line is if you sell the gas tank, engine, starter you'll end up with the lowest price you'd get on a parts machine. Most people don't want to strip a tractor, so there's good chance you'll get a deal. Then again, some will be stubborn and they'll wait for the median or high price.

When evaluating both tractors and attachments, remember the attachments will always return the most value. If you're lucky, try to find someone who'll sell a package. Generally, collectors will only sell each item individually and home owners will just want to get rid of the lot. Home owners are getting fewer and fewer.

Running B-Series Tractors (between 1957-1972):
These are some prices observed and traded in the Northeast region since 2003.

Manual Transmission Tractors

This estimation category is assuming a complete original tractor in generally good shape with manual transmission and lifts. The paint needs to be original and the tractor must function 100% perfect to get the high rating. The median rating is based on a tractor which completely works may have a decent repaint job but it may have some slop in the drivetrain or rough starting. Engine may need attention. The low category it runs, poor paint, just not as desirable, paying anything lower the seller should sell it for parts.

Low $200 Median $300 High $400

Add $50 if it is an original 12 hp engine.
Add $50 if it has an orignal set of lights.
Add $100 if it has an original working hydrolift.
Add $100 if it is a Hydrostatic drive tractor. (Very desirable)
Add $100 if it has an original hi-low drive.
No price change if it is a shuttle drive or variable speed pulley system, though some may want to subtract $50.

Non-running tractors:
This category has some large swings in pricing. Generally people are looking for key parts for their machines, though some people may want to start with a machine which needs some fixing up.

Low $100 Median $150 High $200

The rare parts
This section will list some prices which have gone for some of the parts that either are added or make up the tractors. These are not explained in a high/low sense yet. Most tractor collectors find it a shame to tear a tractor apart, but more and more these tractors are disappearing for the parts. Get those tractors in original shape while you can! All the easy to find ones will be gone soon.

Engine 10hp $100-150
example : http://cgi.ebay.com/Allis-Simplicity-10-HP-Briggs-Stratton-Tractor-ENGINE_W0QQitemZ160070863464QQihZ006QQcategoryZ79670QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item160070863464

Engine 12hp $150-200
Engine 16hp (find one)
Weights $1/lb (weights always sell $1/lb - price going up)
Hydrolift $300 (this was the common price, may be lower)
Hi-Lo $200 (rare)
Headlights $100 w/brackets (nice brand new ones $50/each)
RearLight $50
Hub Caps $60 (this is the new price)
Originals Dual Wheel Adapters $200 (originals are going for sick prices)
Repro Dual Wheel Adapters (new) $150 w/studs
BGB $50-75
Gas Tansk $25-up (good gas tanks hard to find)
Transmission ($varies)
Steering Parts $15
Wheels ($varies)
FRONT-REAR BALL HITCH MFG #990479 $75-$100 (repro's)

Note, remember to go up one grade when an attachment is in "mint" or near mint condition.

The sicklebar is one of the most desired attachments and probably least used. The prices below are an idea of what they sell for. If you can get one at the median price, jump on it. The low price is a rare find and the high price is achieved often.

L100 M250 H400

Add $100 if it's mint with belt.

B-Series Loaders
This category is estimating the following model loaders: L10 1st type, L10 2nd type, L12 and L112, 990412, and 990515. The estimations are based on discussions with sellers who have sold loaders and watching trading sites. If you figure a "Johnny Bucket" sells for a little over $500-600, you realize that a complete loader is worth slightly more. The prices below really are a measure of how fast a seller wants to sell a loader and how quickly a buyer must get in their truck to pick one up. The median price is probably the "going price". The low price is more like luck of finding. The high price would be a seller has a perfect loader and well if you really want one, maybe it's worth the effort to buy the work the seller put in. These items are so rare, the seller really sets their price. If you speak with a seller who listed a loader for $700-800, you'll find out their phone is ringing off the hook. Obviously add or subtract from the median price based on the shape of the loader. Good luck!

Low $700 Median $900 High $1100

Add $100 if it is a L12 or L112 loader.
Add $200 if it includes a good running tractor.
Add $300 if it includes an excellent running tractor.
Note: As for all other features on a tractor, your buying a loader, i.e. lights, high-low, forget about it.

The tillers have a really large swing in prices. Be aware many people buy tillers without the proper pulley systems and pay more for the pulleys than the tiller itself. These prices below are subjective, but hopefully help you in your dealings. median price is what you'll pay if you wait, the low price is either lucky or For some reason people don't like the round tiller as much.

Round Tiller:

Low 100 Median 200 High 300

Square Tiller:

Low 150 Median 250 High 350

Lawn Decks
This category is only for rating the B-Series decks. They are the second cheapest attachment next to the 42" dozer blade. The prices below are based on speaking with sellers who've sold them and watching eBay. In reality, you'll find many decks in the $50 or less category, but realize they are not the decks anyone is keeping. So the rating goes like this, a deck in the high range needs to be complete and runs with no problems (essentially no holes). A deck in the median range may have a few holes and be patched. A deck in the low range, well it rusty and you need to fix it to use it.

Low $50 Median $100 High $150

Add $50-$100 if the deck is recently restored or in mint shape.
Add $100 if it's a 48" deck.

Snow Blowers
The snow blowers are really the cheapest attachment you can find, next to maybe a lawn deck. Though they are worth something. A high priced blower you can bolt the on and use (you may need to buy belts), but you will have all brackets and levers. A median priced blower, you will need to do something, may be missing a lever. A low priced blower, you saved it from the scrap metal yard.

Low $50 Median $100 High $150

Add $50 if the blower is near mint.
Add $100 if it is for the newer tractors, much harder to find.

Mold Plow
The mold plow is getting rare to find, but are still out there. The low price is the price of a rusty old plow and may or may not include a couter wheel, hard to find at that price. The median price is what you'll usually find these at and again may or may not include the couter wheel. The high price really assumes the plow is fairly complete and the plow itself is already shinny and looks good. You will need to add in the value of the sleeve hitch which is commonly forgotten.

Low $50 Median $100 High $150

Add $50 if it includes the older style sleeve hitch.
Add $75 if it include the newer style sleeve hitch (newer than 1972).

The Cultivator is getting much harder to find, but are still out there. The low price is a "if you can find it price" and lucky. The median price is the general fast going rate. The high price is the price most people dealing will ask and will eventually get; these are in the rare category.

Front and rear lift mount models:
Low $100 Median $150 High $225

Wheel type: (Less desirable)
Low $75 Median $125 High $175

Add $50 if it includes the older style sleeve hitch.
Add $75 if it include the newer style sleeve hitch (newer than 1972).

Dozer Blades
The Dozer Blade one of the easiest attachments to find, next to a lawn deck. The low price is a "grab it when you find it price". The median price is the general fast going price. The high price is the price most people dealing will ask and will eventually get.

46" Dozer Blade:
Low $125 Median $175 High $225

Add $75 if it includes the tilt lever*
Subtract $25 if it doesn't include the Lift Rod.

*Note: The lift lever new will cost $75. Some have found the work effort is actually less than $75 worth of work.

42" Dozer Blace: (Less desirable)
This only has three adjustments and you must get out of your seat to angle the blade.

Low $75 Median $100 High $125

Subtract $25 if it doesn't include the Lift Rod.
Add $25 if it is a newer tractor mount which has a slight angle difference to the mount.
Add $25 if the paint is very good.

The Vacuums are available for sale at about two or three a year. The are very desirable attachments. The low price is a "grab it when you find it price, call and buy it". The median price is the general fast going price ("you will not sit on it long"). The high price is the price most people dealing will ask and will eventually get.

Low $150 Median $250 High $350

Add $75 if it includes the chute and any hoses.
Add $100 if it includes a cart.

Rare Attachments
For the rest of the "rare" attachments. The best guideline is what work it will perform for you or how much you think having that rare attachment is worth having in your collection. This is all subjective to an individual. This just lists some single prices items have sold for:

Generator: $350
540 PTO: $150
Front Weed Cutter: $200
Sprayer: $150
Carry All Box: $200
Rear Mulcher: $200
Front Mulcher: rare - no recent pricing.
Gang-Mowers: lucky!
Forklift: forget about it!
Trencher: forget about it!

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